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Let me spend a good part of this week sharing with you letters and comments from readers of this blog.

Many of these messages come from Filipino magicians and magic enthusiasts in the Philippines.  A good number also come from professional magicians and lovers of magic abroad. And many more come from ordinary netizens who just stumbled upon this blog but were kind enough to share their thoughts with us.

Without meaning to be saccharine, I feel most of the messages come sincerely from the hearts of the authors. They were originally posted on the Comments section after the particular blogs of their interest. It is a pity they are partially hidden there, unread by blog visitors who are in hurry to leave.

For that matter, I’m reprinting these letters as fully developed blog entries for you to enjoy and to learn lessons from.

Except for style and for readability, the letters are unretouched.  I have not edited them for content. In some instances I closed my eyes to misspellings and stray punctuations.

Here’s one from Danah, who responded to the article Rose Petal Images: Miracle or Not?.

You have to personally experience it to believe it!

Last Friday, Carmelo Cortez held a healing service for the BLD community in St. Mary’s Church, Rahway, NJ. My mom, sister, and I was present, and we had no clue about the miraculous petals beforehand.

All three of us waited on line to stand at the altar with several other people. He laid hands over our heads, said a silent prayer, then inserted one white rose petal within the hem/collar of our shirts. After we left the altar, we waited a few more seconds before viewing the petals. I was amazed to see the Calvary scene (Crucified Jesus and two criminals at his side)etched on the petal. All three of us had the same sacred image. It was so intricate and detailed on something so small and delicate; there was no way it was pre-made.

I am 100% sure that the petals were blank like a sheet of paper before we received it. Others who attended received images of the Last Supper, Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin Mary and child, Holy Spirit (in the form of a dove) etc. Carmelo isn’t one to claim fame and glory for himself, but humbly insists that it is the hand of the Lord and that he is only an instrument faithfully serving Him. I’d be suspicious if he had said otherwise.

I truly believe that I have witnessed a miracle, not some hoax or magic trick. I know there are many skeptics out there, but to them I would say that if such an opportunity arises, please attend the event!

See it, and decide for yourself.

From Rose Petal Images: Miracle or Not?, 2008/09/01 at 4:04 AM

And here’s my brief reply:

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate your taking the time to write them.

Stay magical,


Tomorrow, I’ll publish another interesting letter.

Stay magical,