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Are you and your clients tired of your usual illusions?

Here’s a chance to acquire or build unique illusions that local audiences have not yet seen before. 

Ken Jackson, a long-time friend of Inner Magic Club member Ted Orlando, sent me a letter offering illusion plans to members and readers of this blog.

Let me reprint the exchange of emails, so you will get to read the descriptions of the illusions being offered:

Hi! There,

I am an old friend of Ted’s. I have invented and made tricks and illusions for him and performed with him on several occasions.

I have one or two new illusions; big stage illusions, of which I will divulge the secrets to anyone who would like to buy them.

Number one is the empty aquarium becoming magically filled with live fish. Number two is the giant Chinese Lantern , which is lowered from the flies onto an empty plinth, flattened, then raised up again and low and behold, there is a lady standing on the plinth.

Yours sincerely.

Ken Jackson.

Here’s my reply to Ken, asking additional information on his offer:

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the info. I will convey your offer to our members.

It might be helpful if you can quote us the prices for the illusions.

Prospective buyers would also be interested in knowing how practical the illusions to perform in our local venues. Most gigs in the Philippines are family and corporate shows, where the stages provided to performers by event organizers don’t have wings or provisions for special riggings, additional carpentry works or special lighting techniques. For that matter, magicians here prefer “commando type illusions”—you know, one they can carry around from one gig to another in their cars, get them on and off the stage quickly, and perform them at least 180 degrees surrounded.

Also, one more question I anticipate local performers will ask is whether you are selling a finished product or only illusion plans.

Thanks again for giving us a heads up on your illusions.

Have a magical day,


And here is his latest message, describing further the illusions. 

Thanks Leodini,

The two illusions I mentioned in my last letter are of course too big for use in small locations and party gatherings. I no longer have the facilities for manufacturing big illusions, so in the case of the two tricks mentioned, I would just sell the plans.

However I do have two small tricks, which I can make or sell the plans to. One is finding a chosen and destroyed card, inside an egg, chosen from a carton of eggs, which is cracked into a glass.

The other trick is to place a pack of full size cards onto the hand of a member of the audience, covering it with a handkerchief and on raising the handkerchief, lo and behold!, the pack has shrunk to a quarter of the original size.

These tricks will cost £50.00 each if I have to make them or £25.00 for a plan.

Best wishes and Good magicing.

Ken Jackson.

Members of Inner Magic Club and readers of this blog interested to acquire the illusions, please just drop me an email, or leave a comment in the box below.  I’ll make sure you get hooked up with Ken.

Stay magical,