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We received several inquiries from groups of magicians in the provinces who are interested to join the magic competition in Davao City on October 17, 18 and 19, 2008.

Inner Magic Club member James Infesto of Davao City is organizing the event. As of now, the details and rules have not yet been put in final form.  However, those interested to compete can email him their questions now, so they can start early with their preparations for the contest.

The competition will have two categories: close-up and stage magic.

The close-up competition has already attracted a large number of interested magicians from Davao City itself. For the stage magic category, James, in his last visit to Manila, has gotten the commitment of magic competitors from Inner Magic Club, many of them are champion magicians of previous contests held at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant in Quezon City.

James’ email address is waigeeboy@yahoo.com.

Stay magical,