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Apart from the joy of performing for the people of Davao and aspiring for the prize money, IMC members are looking forward to a water rafting trip as a great way to unwind.

We had a super exciting meeting last night. Not only did we have so many members in attendance, we also had several guests who brought us good news.

“When it rains, it pours,” so the old saying goes. Last night the exciting prospects for the Club came in torrents.

I will share each good news to our readers in separate posts. I want to give each one the same amount of treatment, as I believe they are all equally important.

First, let me share with you the one that excites me most.

James Infesto, our member in Davao City, is organizing an international magic competition to be held on October 17, 18 and 19. The project is undertaken in cooperation with Inner Magic Club and Asian Magic Association (AMA) and International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM).  IMC belongs to both AMA and FISM. In fact, IMC is the only Philippine magic club to have been accepted into these prestigious organizations of magicians.


James Infesto weaves his magic.

Unfortunately, the international stars of magic are tied-up in other engagements during the competition week.  The reason? The dates of the competition falls within the approximate dates of conventions around Asia, foremost of which is the AMA convention itself.

While the close-up magic competition part of the Davao event would definitely push through (Davao City boasts a large community of close-up and street magicians, therefore there’s no foreseeable lack of contestants), the stage magic competition was in danger of being scrapped for lack of participants.

Which was a pity because James had already lined up sponsors to provide prizes and to foot the bill of the contestants’ merrymaking in Davao.  Apart from the traditional Davao welcome and departure parties, James and the sponsors have included in the contestants’ itinerary a water rafting adventure in Davao’s most challenging rapids.

Upon hearing about the water rafting trip, many IMC magicians, specifically the adventurers at heart, enlisted in the stage competition in droves.

After James’ pitch last night, we had 11 contestants who gave their irrevocable commitments to participate in the competition.  Several other IMC members signified their intentions to tag along because, on the spur of the moment, the officers decided to turn the trip to Davao into an IMC “outing” or “picnic”.  That being the case, the Club will subsidize some of the expenses, like food and lodging, that individual members will incur during their travel to Davao.

This is early, we are all excited about this trip. It will provide us opportunity not only to sample the beauty and hospitality of Davao but also to spread the love and appreciation of our art through the competition. This is our most cherished mission.

On top of that, the contest will give IMC members the chance to showcase their talents and to win prize money. James said he would ask the sponsors to put into the prize pot P30,000 first prize, P20,000 second prize and P10,000 third prize.

Rael, the resident IMC miser, in an effort to cut down travelling cost, broached the idea of taking a boat on the return trip to Manila.  According to his pitch, a cruise across the sea is cheaper than a plane trip.  Not only that, sea travel will afford magicians the chance to bond more among themselves and perform for passengers (thus again spread the joys of magic) for the duration of the trip.

Everybody agreed that that would be a fun prospect.

Well, all this is still on the drawing board.  But you know us.  We always pursue our visions and make them a reality.

More exciting news coming up…

Stay magical,