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Some magicians say it is a boring act.

Leodini says it is a wonderful piece of theater.

Some magicians say it is too long.

Leodini says the act’s extended running time is necessary to build a suspenseful climax and a satisfying ending.

Some magicians say it is boring.

Leodini says it is one helluva great entertainment.

Some magicians say the effect is achieved purely by marksmanship.

Leodini says, “You gotta be kidding me.”  It is a magic illusion sold as a demonstration of skills. The illusion is so convincing it fools even magicians.

And why should Leodini’s opinion matter?

Because Leodini, according to his wife, is the best magician in the Philippines.  Google concurs.

But I’m digressing. Watch the video and you be the judges if Leodini is way off the mark.

Stay magical,