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Yesterday, I arrived home sad and miserable.

I just finished a performance where I made the birthday girl and her guests happy. I should be in high spirits after another successful show, but I was not. Talk about the ironies of life.

The reason for my misery was the loss of my cellular phone. It contained details of my future bookings stretching up to the first couple of months of next year.  Worse, my agents’ and clients’ contact numbers are all in there. I had not backed my data up, a catastrophic result of my procrastination, and so I was staring at the prospect of lost business.

Yesterday’s party was huge with over 200 guests in attendance. Looking for a a cell phone in the party area, on the stage and  in our boxes while guests were swarming around us was an enormous task even with the help of my two assistants and driver.

My wife quickly descended into a state of agitation upon learning of the incident.  She sent my phone a text message, dangling a monetary incentive to the finder should he chose to return it. To sweeten the incentive, my wife wrote, “You can have the cell phone, but please send back to us the SIM card.”

Now the bizarre part of the incident was the manner I lost the cell phone.  I had no idea how it happened. The last thing I remember, after switching it off, was that I placed it inside my polo shirt’s pocket.  I then wore a vest over my shirt and a jacket over the vest.

The only time I removed my vest and jacket was when I performed my straitjacket escape. Still I had no doubt the cell phone was secure in my person. Even Bob Arno couldn’t pick it without my knowing about it.

But alas, the cell phone disappeared just the same.

Short of turning the party venue upside down, my entourage and I tried every trick in the book to find my cell phone.  My son dialed my number, and we strained our ears listening for its ringing. But alas, there was no ringing, as I turned the cell phone off  just before the show.

And so I went home yesterday sad and miserable.

This morning, though, I woke up earlier than usual.  I remember I set the alarm of the cell phone at 7AM.

So at 6:55AM, I opened my roll-on box and waited for the cell phone’s alarm clock to go off.  At 7AM, I heard its faint ringing. My wife and I were in hysteria, as we rummaged through the box to find the ringing cell phone.

The ringing came from the straitjacket.  We grabbed it and tried to feel  the cell phone through the jacket’s canvas fabric. We couldn’t find it! Yet, the cell phone was ringing every minute or so.

It took a while before we could find the phone. The darned thing was inside one of the sleeves of the straitjacket.  As it happened it fell from my shirt’s pocket during yesterday’s escape act and lodged itself into a sleeve.

Upon finding the phone, my wife and I were ecstatic. We have been saved from possible loss of business.

Just sharing an experience that taught me the lesson of the importance of backing up one’s contact numbers. That’s the moral of this story.

Stay magical,