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Last Sunday, June 22, I sat in front of the TV to watch what’s happening to the world around me.

Outside the house, the wind howled as the the rain lashed on our roof. With the racket made by the grumpy weather, I was sullen, morose, gloomy and dejected. 

Just a few minutes ago, my mobile phone woke me up with persistent, nagging ring tones. It was a client informing me she was canceling her lunch party that day  because of typhoon Frank. I had barely ended the conversation when another call came in.  It was my booking agent telling me my 5PM show was canceled, again because of typhoon Frank.

I would have reacted a bit more glumly to the twin cancellations had not the images on television showed sufferings more pitiable than my loss of income. The luxury ship Princess of the Star turned upside down in high seas a la Poseidon Adventure, trapping hundreds of passengers inside.

In Iloilo and other neighboring provinces, typhoon Frank left a wide swath of death and destruction that would could cost government and business millions of pesos to reconstruct.

It was not a magical Sunday, but it made me feel lucky compared to the lot of the typhoon-ravaged families in Frank’s way.

Please, Frank, don’t go this way again…


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