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Our friends at Magicians Foundation, Inc. (MAGFI) will celebrate their club’s 18th anniversary on Friday, June 27, 2008.

Headed by its president, Rannie Raymundo, MAGFI prepares an evening of magic to regale friends, magic fans and enthusiasts.

Cocktails will be served before the show starts.  The program promises not only an evening of magic but also an occasion of magicians from many associations gracing the event.

Inner Magic Club supports the celebration by buying tickets in bulk, courtesy of IMC Chairman Emeritus Boy “the Wudjiman” Alviz and The Chinaman George Mamonluk.  Between them, they bought 20 tickets to be raffled off during this Wednesday’s IMC weekly meeting .

To those who have not bought their tickets yet (it’s just P250), you can drop by Pepeton’s this Wednesday and attend our meeting. Representatives from MAGFI will be there with tickets of the show.

See you guys this Friday. Let’s share this memorable event with our friends at MAGFI.

Stay magical,