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In another article (Don’t Be an Unwitting Prima Donna), I advise that performers should keep their minimum requirements to the essentials.

Asking the booker too many technical supports will add burden to an already over-burden event organizer.  So if you are only performing for a kid’s birthday party, don’t ask the birthday mom to provide you with a stage that has a trap door to vanish your assistant and an overhead rigging for your Astra Levitation. Keep your technical requirement to the bare minimum.

Mine is just a performing area where the wall is behind me and everybody is in front. If this can’t be met, I make do with what can be arranged instead of resort to histrionics.

I keep in mind that parents hire me to lighten their burden during the party. I am there to help make their event succeed. If I start asking too many things (rearranging furniture, etc.) to make my life easier (but not theirs), they may have second thoughts on whether they have hired the right person.

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