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When you bring your business online, as I did years ago, sooner more than later, you’ll try your hand at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. The idea is to push your site as high as possible on search engine results, so that it gets priority clicks from prospective clients.

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Over the years, I have been studying SEO theories and applications. I must admit I’m not a precocious student. Until now, after years of tinkering with SEO, it is still Greek, Latin and hieroglyphics to me.

That must explain why, when I check my sites’ statistics or do some random searches for my keywords and tags, the results sometimes astonish me. They leave me nonplussed, my mouth agape, jaws on the floor, eyes bugged out, blown away, killed and slayed, just like the way audiences react to a magician’s latest version of Triumph.

For example, if you Google the phrase “the number one magician in the Philippines“, who do you think will grace the top position of the search results? Surprise, surprise, it’s Efren “Bata” Reyes.

As you well know, Reyes is not a magician. He is a billiard player, one of the best in the world. But he does not produce doves from silk handkerchiefs or rabbits from hats. He does impossible things on the pool table, though, to earn the moniker “The Magician”.

Still, if you are a birthday mom looking for a magician to entertain the guests at your child’s birthday party, Efren Reyes as the “number one magician in the Philippines” is a misleading Google result.

If you want a magic entertainer for your kid’s party, this is what you should do instead. Type on the Google search box the phrase “the best magician in the Philippines” or “the best magician in town“. Take note: don’t type “number one” but “the best“. Do that and, voila!, Google will turn up an answer that will surprise you as it has floored me. The Google result will be Leodini right there on top, number one, numero uno place of the page.

I have no freakin’ idea why Google does that. Haven’t I told you I didn’t know SEO from A.D.A.M. or any other incomprehensible acronym? Well, see, I have just proven to you my ignorance.

But how sweet an ignorance it is.  I’m pleased with what Google does. Every day I type “the best magician in the Philippines” on the search box and marvel at, and savor the beauty of, my name in the search results.

I do that for hours on end every day. I find it the most blissful way to pass the time.

Stay magical,



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