The folks over at are announcing the Vegas Magic Star contest.

Up for grabs are the following:

  • $1,000 cash prize to the chosen performer.
  • Round trip airfare to Las Vegas.
  • One week appearance in the World’s Greatest Magic Show (includes room/accommodation).
  • Featured spot in the next worldwide web broadcast of the World’s Greatest Magic Show, live from Las Vegas.
  • The contest is sponsored by Jeff Mc Bride’s Magic and Mystery School in association with Tony Clark Magic.Com

    The panel of judges (made up of producers, entertainment directors and master magicians) will announce their choice on the June 28th worldwide web broadcast of the World’s Greatest Magic Show. It will air live from Greek Isle Casino in Las Vegas.

    On the Vegas magic star site, I didn’t see any categories or what type of magic the organizers are looking for, so they may be searching for everything of everything.

    I couldn’t also find any rules, like how long the act will be, how many submissions you are allowed, age limitations if any, what are the criteria used for judging, etc., so you have to submit you contest piece (or pieces) by gut feel. Maybe the organizers have gills, and they are willing to swim in an ocean of garbage to find the one pearl they are looking for.

    They also forgot to mention the deadline for submission, but since the announcement of the winner is on June 28 this must mean you have to send your entry before then.

    Submitting your contest piece is not a one-step process but looks manageable even for techno dummies like me. They have a video upload link on their site, but you have to pay a $25-processing fee before they’ll email you the upload instructions.

    Submit your entry/entries now while this information is still hot. Grab your chance to shine and be the next Las Vegas magic star.

    Here’s the site’s link again: Vegas Magic Star

    Good luck to everyone.

    Stay magical,