Today we roll out the publicity campaign for the  Inner Magic Club’s 12th Anniversary presentation: the IMC stage magic competition grand finals titled Magic ‘To (Remix).

The publicity campaign started yesterday right after we finished creating our Magic ‘To (Remix) poster. It was produced by the same creative team that designed the Magic ‘To (The Next Level) publicity paraphernalia last year, namely, Chairman Cris Castro, professional photographer Boy Samson, graphic artist Justin Haber and myself.

Magic ‘To (Remix) comprises two programs in one package—a magic competition among nine champion magicians and an evening show featuring excerpts from the first and second Magic ‘To programs. presentations.

Magic ‘To (Remix) will be staged at the Philalmlife Theater on November 14 at 7:30 PM. This early, mark your calendars already. Make sure you will not miss the most entertaining magic show to hit town this year.

Unlike the last Magic ‘To poster which took months to conceive, the Magic ‘To (Remix) poster seemed to design itself. We almost thought it had a life of its own. We used the same elements of the previous two Magic ‘To posters—font, color scheme, the faceless magician, etc.—put a little twist on them and, voila!, we had our poster.

Here’s our output for your appreciation.



I have many things to write about the making of Magic ‘To (Remix), so keep coming back here for updates. I will open a new category exclusively for the announcements and behind-the-scene actions of this year’s anniversary presentation.

In case you missed them, Magic ‘To and Magic ‘To (The Next Level) won rave reviews from both the Philippine magic community and Filipino lay public. They were conferred the distinction as the best locally produced full-evening magic shows.

This year we are going to surpass ourselves by offering our publics and fans an even bigger and better conceived program.

Stay tuned and stay magical,



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