If Julie Andrews (as Maria in The Sound of Music) has her favorite things like “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,” magicians have their favorite patter, too.

Here’s a list of those favorites. Notice I didn’t say they are silly, dull or boring patter. I just said they are the favorites of magicians, not only Filipinos but any nationalities. Many magicians use them often in their shows to regale their audiences with their eloquence.

I listen to myself and from my friend magicians, so I’m quite positive these are the favorite patter of many in the profession.

  1. “Aah…uhm….”
  2. “Stand over the trap door..”
  3. “Look…watch!”
  4. “Do you want to see something weird?”
  5. “Do you want to see some magic?”
  6. “It’s magic!”
  7. “Give me your hand. No, the clean one…”
  8. “I have here an ordinary candle..” (said seriously while holding a Fantasio Vanishing Candle.)
  9. “Blow!…Don’t spit.”
  10. “One, two, three…days ago..”
  11. “I wave my hand like this and…”
  12. “I snap my fingers and…”
  13. “Your name is Mary? Can I call you Mary? When can I call you?”
  14. “Don’t blink…”
  15. “Don’t take your eye off the card…”
  16. “Choose a card…”
  17. “I’ll cut the deck like this (or like so)…”
  18. “I will now find your FREELY chosen card…”
  19. “Abracadabra…”
  20. “Hocus Pocus…”
  21. “Voila…”
  22. “Thank you…”
  23. “A round of applause for our volunteer assistants…”
  24. “A twelve-year-old kid with 20 years of practice can do this trick…”
  25. “I didn’t touch the lemon, did I?”


Stay magical,



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