Randee Ordonez chalked up a surprise win in last night’s Stage Magic Competition.  It was such a surprise win that Randee himself, together with his entourage comprising his wife, loved ones, relatives and neighbors, was surprised.

After his name was announced as last night’s champion, Randee whooped it up and skipped around in a celebration reminiscent of the Eddie Ramos Edsa victory jump.

For having won last night’s competition, Randee qualifies as the fourth contestant in the battle of champions grand final competition. It will be held at the Philamlife Theater on November 14 this year.

Randee’s contest piece was an intelligent entry. He used elements of theater like dance, music and choreography.  On the dance part, he pulled all stops by bringing in a female assistant who did some vigorous Tahitian dancing.

Randee’s performance essayed a vignette of Philippine summer life, which he punctuated with magical events.  He won the judges’ nods not only  because of his superb performance but because of the thematic relevance of his entry.  The contest theme was about summer. So when Randee performed magic with sunglasses, picnic tables and chairs, and produced magically his picnic meals while cavorting on an imaginary beach with a Tahitian dancer, the judges decided to award him the top prize of P3,000 and the champion’s crown.

Congratulations, Randee, on your outstanding performance and overflowing creativity.

Congratulations also to third prize winner Dante Abulan (the most applauded performer of the night) and second-prize winner Erwin Reyes who thrilled the audience with his unique sand magic.

Kudos to Contest Committee Chairman Boy Samson.  We had another successful contest, because of his tireless efforts to stage a good show.

George Mamonluk sent us some pictures taken from last night’s contest.Photobucket

All the contestants show off their certificates of participation.


The winners strike their best victory poses:(from left) Dante Abulan, Ted Bravo, prize donor Robert Mamonluk, Randee Ordonez and Erwin Reyes.

Thanks, George. Through these photos, our readers will enjoy a glimpse of how IMC conducts its monthly magic competition.

Stay magical,



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