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I smiled while reading a comment on our About page this morning.

The comment sender, who signed the message “Olivia”, tells an awful truth—that magic shows look the same from the lay audience’s perspective.

We magicians have known this truth for ages now but have done little about it.

The reason?

Many magicians would rather perform the same magic, using the same music, patter and presentation, than create a unique act all by themselves.

I’m reprinting Olivia’s comment here without retouching or editing, so you will feel the frustration that resonates in between the lines.

Hi! Am looking for a magic/host who can do magic tricks and entertain the kids as well with some comedic acts. You mentioned in this site that the choreographed bungling acts of the winner of the magic competition clinched it for him, may I have his contact details?

BTW, it is for my son’s 7th birthday party. Am looking for something new ‘coz my son and his friends have been to lots of parties and have seen almost all kinds of magic and comedic acts:
lady floating on a broom or sword, slicing of lady horizontally and vertically while inside a box, newspaper suddenly “whole” again even after cutting it into pieces, having a kid wear a half-mask with a string pulling the jaw, the wand that suddenly bends when the kid holds it, guessing of giant playing cards, the slicing of hand inside a guillotine, ventriloquism acts, etc.

I hope you can recommend someone who has new magic tricks and who can really make the kids laugh as well but hopefully within the normal price range.
Would appreciate any reply. TX!


Now guys, that’s a client talking directly to us and describing what type of magic services she, and probably many mommies as well, doesn’t want to watch anymore. The better entrepreneurs and artists among us will take this comment as road-map to creating a new program. The rest will probably ignore and shrug it off.

Do so at your own peril.

Before I close this article, let me just add a few more tricks in everybody’s act that should be weeded out from our shows: Snowstorm of China, Throw Steamers, Mouth Coils, home-made Black and White Gloves to Streamer, Torch to Rose, Appearing Cane, Disappearing Cane, Appearing Candle, Disappearing Candle, Dove Pan, Comedy Funnel, Floating Table. 

Stay magical,