I once performed at Hard Rock Cafe on the day of the Pacquiao/Marquez fight a couple or so years ago.

I was trying to build up to my finale, when the audience suddenly erupted with shouts.

I was baffled. Shaken, I tried to regain my composure. What was the laugh line I just said to get such a tremendous reaction? Did I say something funny, something intriguing, something brilliant?

I then discovered that somebody switched on the TV monitors hanging around the whole place. It was round one, and Manny Pacquiao sent Marquez down to the canvass three times with a barrage of shots. That’s why the largely Filipino crowd, which was not watching me but the boxing on TV, went wild with jubilation.

Fortunately, the TV station went on commercial right after the end of that round. And even more fortunately, they showed a heap of advertisements that lasted an eternity, allowing me to finish my show before Round 2 came on.

The audience watched the rest of my show during the commercial break. I was elated. They validated my theory that I was more entertaining than beer commercials.

Stay magical,



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