A young Filipino magician had asked me to explain to him what a flesh-colored putty is.

For those not familiar with it, especially magicians new to IT magic, flesh-colored putty is a sticky material used to anchor the IT to the table, microphone, bottle, etc., and to your person when doing the two-point-hookup for levitation effects.

Actually one can make do with hard magician’s wax if a supply of flesh-colored putty is not available. The problem is, the hard magician’s wax doesn’t stick to your skin as easily as the putty that Michael Ammar is selling. And if you are using a Le Clair hook-up, you need to stick the wax to a fleshy part of your body. Magician’s wax, or even flesh-colored putty of inferior consistency, will not stick to your body unless you go through an epic espisode of struggle with it. (I’ve found a substitute that will stick faster and more reliably to skin and flesh. I will tip it in a future article.)

At P350, Michael Ammar’s flesh-colored putty is a steal for almost everyday use. Still, I think it does not have the reliable consistency to hold firmly an IT. Sometimes the IT just slips right through it in the middle of a performance and mess up your hook-up.

I have found a substitute “substance” that is cheaper and easier to source here in Metro Manila. It also has a more reliable stickiness. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come in flesh color. You have to apply the correct color to turn it flesh colored and invisible when it’s in action.

Costing less than P100, you can make your own supply to last for months even if you perform IT magic every night.

I will detail how to make your own supply in a future post. It is easy to do even for someone like me who is not a do-it-yourselfer.

Stay magical,



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