I’m so happy today.  Actually,  I’m ecstatic. Though barely having a sleep last night, furiously reviewing the lessons I picked at Roth and Rubinstein’s lecture last night, I’m still in a state of bliss today.

The reason?

I have David Roth’s complete Custom Coin Box set that I have been salivating to get for quite sometime now. I bought it last night from Roth himself. It comes with his autograph.

Roth Coin Box

And as I promised in earlier article, I had pictures of me taken with Roth and Rubinstein.  I now publish them here, because I’m a showoff.


 If you are not envious, you must have a heart of stone. On the first part of the lecture, David Roth wears the traditional Filipino shirt Barong Tagalog.


Michael Rubinstein looks like he just found a long-lost relative. He wears the Barong Tagalog throughout the night.

Roth and Rubinstein were in there devastating selves last night. With their elegant coin magic, they slayed Pinoy close-up magicians. Although Roth looked tired while waiting for his turn to lecture, he was always in high energy when time came for him to talk and perform magic.

The duo wowed Filipino coin men and close-up performers with their impeccable performances last night. They deserved all the accolades they have been getting from magicians around the world who had attended their lectures.

As earlier billed, the Manila leg of their lecture will not happen again any time soon. So to those who missed it will not probably be able to catch it in Asia for the next decade. If the information I got is accurate, another Asian swing is not on their calendar as of now.

The lecture last night was held in the large main ballroom of Greenhills West Clubhouse. Magicians from several magic clubs in Manila came to watch the gods of coin magic share their knowledge and creations to the local brotherhood. Even a few stage magicians attended the lecture just to enjoy the performances and, of course, to learn directly from the masters.

Spotted in the audience was the ever effervescent Thomas Chan, Shangrila chain of hotels’ house magician.

The Chubster Flores, who came with budding magician son Miggy, hosted the night’s lecture, as usual with flair and panache.

The Chinaman George Mamonluk and wife Marie arrived with boxes of food, which the magicians partook of during the break. In between listening to the lecture, George roamed around the cavernous ballroom, taking pictures of the event. He was the one who took the pictures of me with Roth and Rubinstein.

If I hadn’t slept much last night, George must have also stayed awake till early in the morning. When I opened my PC this morning, the photos he took during the lecture was already in my mailbox.

Oh, before I forget. I was doubly happy last night, because George sidled up to me in one of the lighter moments and gave me confidentially a birthday gift.

It’s not confidential anymore now, as I have just written about it for you to know.

My heartfelt thanks to the magical Chinaman who always remembers my birthday.

And to my fellow birthday celebrants, Rael and Anthony Co, best wishes to you guys.

The lecture would not be possible without Rannie Raymundo and his close associates working their butts off to bring Roth and Rubinstein to Manila. They did a yeoman’s job and deserve a big round of applause from the magic community.

Of course, the lecture would not be complete without Rannie showing and sharing one coin routine.  He did one for lovely Marie Mamonluk, who was a dream volunteer for her priceless expressive reactions to Rannie’s favorite coins across.

Stay magical,



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