It’s true. Last Friday, the masters of coin magic, David Roth and Michael Rubinstein, arrived in the country as scheduled.

The Chinaman George Mamonluk was one of the first Filipino magicians to have the honor to meet Roth and Rubinstein before they even had the time to freshen up after their long flight from the USA.

George even sent me a picture proving a dream-come-true meeting with them.  As you can see in the photo, if you have an eye for story, “jet lag” is written all over the faces of Roth and Rubinstein. By the time of this writing, though, they must have spent some time absorbing the local atmosphere and enjoying the vaunted Filipino hospitality. They must have a glimpse also of the raucous and rowdy political scene.

The beaming Chinaman George Mamonluk (center) is enjoying every moment with David Roth and Michael Rubinstein.

I promise you I will have a picture like that taken of myself and my idols when I meet Roth and Rubinstein at Monday’s lecture.

Once again guys with feeling. This is a once-a-lifetime opportunity to watch and hear live the legends of coin magic. Don’t miss it for anything else. Catch the lecture on Monday at Westgreenhills Clubhouse at 7 PM.

See you there.


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