The Dan Harlan I know is somebody prolific in producing magic videos.

You probably have one of his bestselling instructional videos. Although mostly close-up magic, his material run almost the gamut of magic performances, including mentalism and children’s magic.

On his videos, he looks like a friendly, fun-loving, decent guy. So I was surprised when I stumbled upon this news item:

Man Loses Pants During Bar Heist

Is this the same Dan Harlan we know? Or is he just a look-alike and a namesake?

Oops…before anyone answers, I scrolled down the page of the news item. One of the comments submitted was from someone who signed his message using the name Dan Harlan.

Please take your time to read his side of the story. It shows us yet again how alcohol can push even someone with flashes of brilliance to do stupid and irresponsible things. Imagine how flat-out losers will fare against too much booze.

Another cautionary tale. And a reminder that magic and alcohol don’t mix to improve your personality—or performance.

Stay magical,


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