OK, I’ll own it up right off the bat. This is my biased advice to parents wanting a justification to hire a magician for their kid’s birthday party. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

1. Your child is special. Make his or her birthday party special and memorable. A magician at his/her party will make it special. The other kids don’t have one in their parties.

2. A live magic show creates a human connection that draws together your guests. Your child and his friends will all be thankful to you for providing it.

3. The food, drinks and decors of the party will pass to the the toilet and to memory. A good magician can give your birthday child fond memories that will last till old age. The magical moment will last forever in your child’s mind. I saw my first magic trick when I was in Grade 3. Until now, I still remember vividly that first magic trick.

You probably did not have a magic show at your birthday party when you were still a child. It was a novelty then that had not yet caught on. Today, many parents have realized it’s a must-have feature to make the child’s birthday party extra special and memorable.

So hire a magician to entertain the children and the adults at your child’s birthday party.

Or else I’ll stick needles on your voodoo doll.

Stay magical,



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