Today… I received an early (around 5:30 AM) morning  text message from my sister Beth reminding me it’s my father’s birthday.

Father was an avid magic fan. He loved everything about magic. He did not perform a single trick. He didn’t care about the secrets. He just loved watching magic performed, especially by me.

But he’s gone now. My family console ourselves with the thought that he is probably watching and enjoying magic performed by the real masters like Dai Vernon, Doug Henning and Blackstone Sr. and Jr. on some clouds up above.

Today… I glance at the home page of this blog and realize that I wrote and posted the first entry to this blog on January 2007. That’s over one year ago, if you haven’t noticed it yet. Over one year of writing almost daily. I didn’t know I had so much nothing to say about magic and yet still managed to write about them anyway.

I’ve long known that I’m bad at remembering dates and keeping tabs on anniversaries. But to miss the one year mark of writing on this blog is unforgivable. I will flog myself 100 times today for my lapse of memory and attention.

Today… Rael and I are going to sit as judges in the finals of the Close Up magic competition organized by The Magicians Foundation, Inc. (MAGFI). Its president, Rannie Raymundo, has made inroads in promoting close-up magic and its appreciation not only to his members but to magic fans and the lay public in general. We are looking forward to watching a good show.

I hope to see you there.  The contest will be held at Tri-Place on 2 Alabama Street corner E. Rodrigueuz Sr. Avenue, Quezon City. The competition will start promptly at 8PM.

Stay magical,


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