PhotobucketPhotobucketSome Filipino magicians rue the proliferation of bad magic and magicians among the younger generation. I even heard non-Filipino magicians comment about YouTube magicians, who seem to be able to perform magic only on YouTube but not before a live audience.

I have a different feeling. The increase in number of the young breed of magicians inspires me. Watching these young guys perform magic, in person or on YouTube, pleases me. The high level of finger dexterity is really amazing. I pale in comparison to their technical proficiency.  Some still lack finesse and many seem to go around inflicting audiences with their flashy styles with little thought on entertainment. But these are not insurmountable deficiencies.

The phenomenon can be observed among the young members we have in Inner Magic Club and their contemporaries in other groups. But instead of bemoaning their lack of polish, we’re trying to guide and train them during meetings. We hold a monthly “Pasiklaban” night, where members show old, new, even half-baked routines, for critique by entire membership.

We also conduct monthly intramural competitions to further hone our member’s skills and artistry. These competitions also aim to harden them for the requirements of real-world performances.

My point is, we at Inner Magic Club (or any magic club in the Philippines, Manila, and elsewhere) recognize that we have potential stars among the young generation of members. No matter how the older and more seasoned magicians lament the young crop of magicians’ performing style, these future stars can regale audiences with their own brand of magic with or without the guidance of senior members.

Without guidance, they will stumble around for years. With guidance they will go through a quicker learning process. So what does the Club do?.

Now this brings me to the main issue of this post, namely, the observation of some senior magicians that the neophytes are copying the masters’ magic. Yes, most beginning magicians copycat their way to maturity.

Tomorrow, I will address the main issue I want to raise: is imitation/copying a boon or bane to magic?

Stay magical,


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