OK, let me share with you a video that’s not really magic. It’s akin to magic because it employs trickery, but it lacks the magical denouement to qualify as “magical” the way we know it.

The performance (if it can be called that) bewilders the “victims”. Their looks of bewilderment amuse me. I don’t know if they have the same effect on you, but the sight of befuddled “victims” tickles me.

Maybe because I have a sadistic side in me. Or maybe because I have a coarse sense of humor. But, hey, they showed that on national television at a production cost that certainly is not pennies, so how coarse can that be?

Anyway, I’m just wondering if I can get the same results from my performances. I count the tricks I can do, the stagecraft and performing devices in my arsenal that I may employ to produce the same bewilderment in my audiences.

The answer shakes me out of my complacent ways. I realize my stagecraft is rudimentary, my devices scarce, my arsenal barely sufficient.

Sometimes, surfing the Net pays . A video stumbled upon can remind one of his inadequacies. An audience bewildered reaction can stoke the fire again to aspire to be a better performer than he was yesterday.

Sure, bewilderment is not the goal of a magic performance. Rather, the goal is entertaining amazement, as the textbooks of magic teach us. But I must admit those reactions caught on the video are not bad at all, especially for close-up performances or for paper-balls-over-the-head type of magic.

Watch the video and see if you can pick a lesson or two on how to get a good audience reaction.

Public Bathroom

Stay magical,



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