I’ve stumbled upon a website showing a crystal ball that can read my mind.

Okay, I am a Filipino magician who is not only into magic but also neck deep in mentalism. In fact I call myself—actually the term is hype—the Pinoy Mindreader. The reason I appropriated this title is that nobody in his right mind calls me that, even though I’d rather that people call me by that name. But that’s another story…


Anything about magic or psychic entertainment gets my undivided attention.

This crystal ball has. It reads my mind so accurately that I feel small, inconsequential and unequal compared to its ability to read thoughts.

What frustrates me is that I can’t figure out how it accomplishes its amazing mindreading feat. I’ve spent a good part of this morning in nonproductivity, challenging the crystal ball several times.  Again and again, I came out defeated and stumped. The confounded thing can really read my mind.

Go to http://www.mysticalball.com/ and play around with the crystal ball. See if it can read your mind as accurately as it can mine.

Then, if you are computer geek or a math genius, tell me how the freakin’ crystal ball does it…please!

Stay magical,



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