As usual, magic fans, enthusiasts and professionals flocked to Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant last night to watched eight contestants battle for the trophy, cash prizes and prestige in Inner Magic Club’s first magic competion for 2008.

When the dust of the battle of magic powers settled, Glenn “Dwarfy” Cuevas emerged third place, Boy Zhardum snagged the second prize and Richie Javier romped off the first. Thanks to Georgre Mamonluk and Boy Alviz for sponsoring the prizes and the gifts for the lovely, all-lady board of judges.

Kudos to Boy Samson and his Committee on Competition for a job-well done.

Some celebrity guests spotted in the audience were newly installed MAGFI president Rannie Raymundo, past president Aldino, and magic enthusiast Dennis Lacuna.

Thanks guys for adding glitter to the night.

Stay magical,


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