I let all the psychics make their predictions before I decided to squeak.

Now it’s my time to tell you, dear readers, what the future has in store for the world. I am not only a magician, I am also a gifted seer of the future. I can tell your thoughts, I can read your mind, and I can even tell you where your husband went when he came home late last night. That’s how powerful my psychic vision is.

Even the world-famous skeptic Randi, who has trouble believing the person he sees in the mirror is him, will have no problem agreeing with my vision of the future.

I predict that in some parts of the world airplanes will crash, while in other parts airplanes will fly safely.

Earthquakes will bring death and destruction to some third-world countries, but no cataclysmic events will visit the rest of the world.

In some parts of the world, typhoons will wreak havoc on the crops of farmers and cause flash floods that will leave countless dead. In other parts of the world, hospitable climate will lead to bountiful harvests.

Countries will wage wars in some God-forsaken parts of the world, while they talk peace in posh hotels in God-blessed places of the planet.

People will continue to die from AIDS.

Poor countries will remain poor, because if they do not remain poor, they will cease to be poor countries.

Some celebrities will wed, some will be involved in scandals, and others will file for divorce.

Filipino close-up magicians will continue to find the most difficult, newfangled sleight to transfer three coins from one hand to another without being seen by a bored audience.

Some mentalists will try to read people’s minds even though they are dyslexic.

Filipino birthday party magicians will still use the breakaway wand to make children laugh.

Pinoy illusionists will not be able to lick their sadistic tendencies to stuff their lovely assistants inside tiny, cramped boxes and impale them with swords and other sharp objects.

Tomorrow, there will be rain in some parts of the Philippines, other parts will experience cloudy weather, while the rest of the country will enjoy a sunny day.


Stay magical,



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