It’s the New Year once again. As usual, at this time of the year, all manner of psychics issue their divination of what’s in store ahead.

Before I share with you my prescient vision of the future, let me apologize for the dearth of posts on this blog since last December.

I’m happy to report that the reason I failed to post new articles regularly was my busy schedule. I had a full month of gig hopping, as every family and company seemed to be in the mood for partying and spending money during the Yuletide season. Heaven bless them, for their common idea of fun is to hire Leodini, the world-famous magician known only in his own barangay.

Despite the doomsayers’ complaint that the economy is in dire strait, that an inordinate number of Filipinos are hungry, the truth was that in December the economy was in robust state. Millions of Pinoys indulged themselves in eating binges and drinking sprees. They burned money by spending oodles on fireworks to celebrate the turn of the year.

Yes, folks, in case you didn’t notice, the Filipinos went partying during the Christmas season. They wolfed down cholesterol-rich food and drank and made merry over bottles of wine and beer. Those who say the country is poor is kidding me. Money flooded everywhere in such abundance we magicians had trouble keeping up with event organizers who wanted to book us for multiple events.

Well, 2008 has rolled over and the New Year blues are here. It’s time to go back to reality. Once the nation snaps out from the Holiday hypnosis, most Filipinos will have to be staring not only at their depleted bank accounts but also at their long credit card bills.

Well, the nation partied for a whole month. Now it’s time to get a life again.

I sure hope, as many of you out there, Pinoy magicians or not, living in Metro Manila or in other megalopolises in the world, that 2008 will be more prosperous than last year.

Hoping and envisioning good days ahead, according to prosperity gurus, are the prerequisites of the good life. Luck and prosperity don’t usually fall on our laps. We have to buy them with the sweat of our brows, the brilliance of our brains and the brawn of our muscles.

Take it from me, the new guru of self-improvement.

Tomorrow, I will share with you my psychic vision of the future that even Randi will not be skeptical of.

Stay magical,


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