As his Christmas traditional act, George Mamonluk gifted every member of Inner Magic Club a “magic” t-shirt. It’s magic because the design is themed around magic. Not only that, the shirt can be used as an unsuspicious prop to perform magic with.

Over the years, George has built a reputation as a person with overflowing ideas. In designing this year’s giveaway t-shirts, though, he outdid himself by coming out with a creative t-shirt design.

Consider the following features of the t-shirt:

George emblazons Masters of Magic on the left side of the t-shirt. Apart from the superfluous title, many people won’t notice anything unusual with the design. On closer look, however, they will realize that they can read Masters of Magic both ways from two points of view. That is, reading from the right side and upward, and reading from the left side and downward the design reads the same way: Masters of Magic. Cool, huh?

On the lower left side of the shirt is a photo of a rickety typewriter that reveals the total for the “1089” trick.

Now if the wearer lifts the t-shirt and turns it inside out, he will reveal a forced card, the Seven of Clubs, in the inside of the shirt.

I already used the t-shirt during a lull in tennis matches in our neighborhood tennis club last Sunday. The local tennis players may be tops at smashing lobs, but their eyes grew as large as tennis balls when I did for them the t-shirt’s Seven of Clubs trick.

Thank you, George, for the the magic t-shirt.

Stay magical,


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