A remark similar to the one described below is confidence-booster. Most Filipino magicians will relish it more than applause. Many will find it sweeter than an ovation, because it is given long before the show starts.

The remark also exemplifies the often-repeated folk observation, “Your reputation precedes you.”

A Pinoy magician, who has made a name in the magic community, usually gets this ultimate pre-show ovation during a client’s phone call to book a date. The conversation goes something like this:

Client: “Hi, I want to hire your magic show for my son Patrick’s seventh birthday party.

Magician: When is the party?

Client: December 15.

Magician: Let me check my calendar if the date is still available. (After a short pause…) I’m sorry, Mrs. Client, the date is already taken.

Client: How about December 16?

Magician: December 16 is also not available anymore. The only open date remaining is December 14, a Friday.

Client (sounds frustrated): Okay, I’ll call you back later.

After two hours, the client calls back…

Client: I’ve talked to the restaurant, party organizer, and other suppliers. I’ve also reprinted another batch of invitation cards. We moved the date of my son’s party to December 14. My husband says we have to work the party out around your schedule.

If you get that type of eagerness to book your show, I’m sure you will feel as if you already have gotten your applause long before your performance.

Don’t blow it. Give 120 percent of yourself when time comes to perform.

Of course, you will get clients who will move heaven and earth to hire you for their child’s party only if you have been in the business long enough and have established a reputation.

Work on your performing skills, market your show like crazy, and good luck. Pre-show ovation is not an impossible goal to reach.

Stay magical.



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