Creating a smashing birthday party for your child can be difficult but not an impossible quest. On the contrary, it can be a thrilling journey. You may find minor consternations along the way, but overall the journey should prove rewarding and enjoyable. Your child will love your more for all the efforts you pour into organizing his birthday party.

If you are a do-it-yourself parent who wants to organize your child’s birthday party (as against hiring a professional party organizer to do it for you), here are 10 tips to guide you toward creating that not-so-perfect but fun party.

  1. Listen to your child’s ideas . If your child is old enough, brainstorm with him. Ask him what he would like as a theme for his party. Tell your child the different options available, and share your plans with him. Doing this makes him feel how special you’d like the birthday party to be.
  1. Gild the lily. After determining the theme, select the appropriate party ware, decorations, menu and favors to go with the theme.
  1. Draw up a program of activities. You should know exactly what happens during the party and in what sequence. Don’t wing it and expect fun to materialize by itself. Successful parties don’t happen by accident. They are always well planned. So get a pen and paper, write down your ideas and draw a plan of fun activities.
  1. Choose your entertainment wisely. Whether you plan to hire a Magician or a Clown Host, book early. Most good performers have filled calendars, so hire one well in advance. A good strategy is to book the Magician before you send out the invitations. A recommendation from a friend would usually be enough to help you get a good performer. A direct booking will save you some money as opposed to hiring entertainers through a booking agent.

  1. Find Helpers. Build a team of “assistantsand runners to do errands for you. Dozens of details will crop up in the weeks leading to the party date. You can’t handle them all by yourself. Find some good help to avoid being stressed out.
  1. Create a festive mood . Add flair to your living room or garden where you hold the party activities. Decorate it with balloons and streamers. Don’t use helium-filled balloons, because they are flammable and may cause accidents.
  1. Make your address easy to locate. If you hold the party in your house, decorate your gate with balloons to help guests find your house easily.
  1. Smile for the camera . During the party, take a lot of pictures of your child, guests, activities and highlights of the party. Limit the posed shots to a minimum. Candid and action shots capture better the fun of the moment. If you have a camcorder, assign a family member to record the party on video.

  1. Childproof the party room. If you’re holding the activities in the living room, remove the TV set, antique jars and anything that is expensive and breakable. Kids have a way of ruining precious household possessions or hurting themselves with broken pieces of home articles without meaning to.
  1. Enjoy the party with the guests. Expect at least one child breaking a plate or glass, kids punching each other, a toddler in uncontrollable tantrums, so you won’t freak out when they do happen. Enjoy the party with your guests. Let your team of assistants do the bulk of work.

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Make Child Happy on Her Birthday