Yes, this is a hilarious card game. Not just funny, but hilariously hilarious.

I do not know of any other card game that can make me cry with laughter the way this card game can.

As a Filipino magician, I live through my workaday life with a deck of playing cards as my constant companion. I know several card tricks that I enjoy to perform for paying clients.

Outside of card tricks, though, I’ve never used playing cards for its usual purpose, namely, for gambling. In fact, I’ve never learned to play poker, baccarat, blackjack, lucky nine and a host of other popular card games where bets are accepted. I don’t even play Three-Card Monte, except a bluff three-card monte, which I perform as a magic trick and not as a gambling demonstration.

Now, there’s only one card game I know and enjoy playing. That it’s not gambling is one reason I like playing it.

I learned the game when I was still a child, watching my uncles play it with friends they brought to the house.

It’s a noisy game, with lots of bantering, and laughter. Laughter that brings tears to the eye. Laughter that makes players roll on the floor. And laughter that leaves one gasping for air.

Once I learned the game, I taught it to my brother, sisters and cousins. I remember spending weekend afternoons playing the game with them and enjoying lots of laughter.

When I was in college, I taught the game to my dorm mates. They usually dropped by my room some evenings. We would spend the night playing these hilarious game, keeping everybody in the house awake with our noise and laughter.

When I landed a job in a bank, I also taught this hilarious card game to my officemates. During one company picnic, we played it on the beach. In the very first round of the game, the lady employees were already crying from too much laughing. One even rolled on the sand in a very unlady-like display of a laughing fit.

Naturally, when I later had my own kids, I taught them the game. My entire family sometimes spent evenings without television. We entertained ourselves with this hilarious card game.

So what is this hilarious card game called?

I have read lots of books on cards, conjuring with cards, games with cards, but I have not discovered the name of this game or who invented it.

Just the same, if you are interested, let me teach it to you. You can then teach it to your children and wife. One evening, when you are all together, you can wean the family from television and computer games by playing this hilarious card game.

For lack of a better name, I shall henceforth call it the Name Game.

Learn it and teach it to your family. I guarantee you will have an evening of laughter and fun.

To be continued…


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