At the risk of being corny, I write this article with syrup on my keyboard.

And at the risk of trivializing the issue, I’d say to the Pinoy Masked Magician, “Good job! Through your TV exposure, you united magicians in the Philippines.”

Last Monday, magicians from different clubs of the country came in force to the meeting at the Rotary building in Roces, Quezon City. They showed up to be counted. The wanted to express their concerns about the latest assault on our art. They ached to be part of the efforts to deal with the problem.

As you well know, in the Philippines, as in many countries, several organizations populate the magic community.  Though they may have similar aspirations, these organizations also pride in their unique culture and vision. In many ways they are the same, but in some small but important things they are also distinct.

In most part, the visions of individual clubs harmonize even though the manner employed to fulfil them may sometimes be at odds with each other.

In the beginning, though, member magicians of one group are friends of member magicians of other groups.  In short, everybody was the friend of everybody regardless of affiliation.

Over the years, a friendly competition exists between these organizations, a natural, unavoidable result of the sense of loyalty and belonging that individual members feel toward their respective groups.

Bickering, politics, gossips, intrigues—all this would occasionally shake the groups. Although we may think these problems are the monopoly of Filipino magicians, the truth is that magic clubs around the world also suffer from strained relationship on account of these.

It would be hypocrisy to say that relationship between individual magicians from different magic clubs has not been strained in the recent past years. But in the beginning we were really all friends.

Oddly, the aftermath of the havoc wreaked by the Pinoy Masked Magician on our art has rekindled the flame of brotherhood. It has strengthened the friendship. We all come together and realize that, despite the uneasy relationship, we are still friends, just like we were at the start.

For that, we thank you Pinoy Masked Magician. You did something with finesse what we could not do clumsily—bring magicians of different persuasions together again.

For the rest of the outcome of your evil deed, we still condemn you.

I told you this post is gonna be saccharine. I just kept my promise about the syrupy post.

Stay magical and keep the secrets of magic,


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