The best response to the exposure is not to go into hysterics over it. When the network people see they can wring publicity juice from the exposure, they’d probably do it some more. That’s how they inject life into their ratings.

Speaking of ratings, if we want to be methodical with our response, let’s discover how the program rated for that episode. And which type of viewers watched it.

A rating of 19 or below can mean the program didn’t get that many viewers to hurt magic. A viewer profile of C, D, E means they are not our market. They’re not the ones hiring us anyway, so the exposure could not be that damaging to us.

This is not the best way to confront the issue. However, it is better than going on a war path with the TV network in a form of an angry letter, protest or mass action.

We choose the lesser evil.

Going on a collision course with the TV network was tried against FOX. After the first instalment of Valentino’s magic revelation aired, the world of magic rose in protest. The result was that FOX capitalized on the uproar. They aired additional episodes, revealing more magic and illusions.

Thinking that reacting angrily was the best course of action, we followed the example here in the Philippines. IMC sent a letter of protest to Studio 23 before the first instalment of the Masked Magician aired. We even asked the help of then newly elected Senator Loren Legarda, an ABS-CBN talent, to back us up with the letter.

The tactic produced the opposite results. Studio 23 not only went on with the airing of the first Mask Magician episode but it also broadcast the rest of the series.

While we can’t do much against the giant networks, we can do a lot to discipline the renegade member of the magic community.

First we can discipline him.  Expulsion is one option. We stop sending overflow gigs his way. He has to be hit where it will hurt him most—his wallet. If his livelihood is affected, then he will be forced to sell out to the networks only at impossible price so he could retire in comfort.

Also it will serve a lesson to other magicians. If they understand that revealing magic tricks on TV is equivalent to ending their career in magic, they will not even entertain the thought of doing it.

I will attend tonight’s MAGFI meeting upon the invitation of President Aldino to discuss this matter. Let’s see what course of actions we will come up with.

Stay magical and keep the secrets of magic,