I had two magical moments in yesterday’s birthday gig.

I was hired to perform at a rich girl’s 7th birthday party.

Pretty and proper, the birthday girl exhibited all the signs of good breeding and excellent education at her young age.

Before the show, the Mom secretly gave my assistant a bunny in a box. She confidentially told him to ask me to produce the rabbit during the show.

In turned out that the birthday girl wanted to have a rabbit as a pet. What could be the more suitable occasion to give it to her than on her seventh birthday? And what more impressive way to do it than to magically produce it?

During the games, the birthday girl broke away from the group. She sought me out behind the curtains, where I was setting up my stuff. With a princess bearing, she asked me, “Did Mom tell you to give me a rabbit?”

I didn’t want to give away her mother’s participation in the bunny conspiracy, so I retorted, “Is that what you want? A rabbit?”

Her eyes glowed. “Yes,” she said.

“Okay, your wish is my command. I’ll produce a rabbit during the show, but you have to help me produce it. Deal?”

She said, “Deal.”

Then she did something I didn’t expect. She gave me a hug.

I was surprised. I’m sure I blushed.

Wow, the show had not started yet, and I had already made the birthday child very happy.

It was a magical moment to me as much as to her.

During the show, I made the production of the rabbit a bigger act than I’d normally do.

After the show, I experienced my second magical moment. She received so many birthday presents that it took four people to haul all the gifts back to her room.

Yet, she didn’t give the presents a cursory look. She was happy with her bunny in the box. She carried it with her, as she scooted around the party area, proudly showing off her bunny to the guests.

She said the bunny was a “girl”. I didn’t know how she knew that, and I didn’t have the nerve to question her.

As I was leaving, she told me her rabbit’s name was Angel.

I walked with sprightly steps to the parking lot

Just one magical story to share with fellow magicians.

Stay magical,



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