Today’s post is not about magic but about party hosting. It is an art so allied with magic that many magicians also engage in it.

Party hosting involves not only running party games. It also includes twisting balloons and managing the party’s entire program.

For that matter, a party host must have a thorough knowledge about different party themes and ceremonies. He must be quick to adapt to the quirks of the clients. Sometimes the birthday mom may think up of impromptu activities she wants to add to the program. A good party host must have the ability to satisfy her requirements by customizing the party on the spot.

Articulate, funny, and charming, most party hosts I have worked with speak excellent English. They drive their own cars. They also bring their own sound systems and use expensive microphones.

What does all this tell me?

It tells me that party hosting is a lucrative job. It pays well. In fact it pays better than most 8-to-5 day jobs—if you are good at what you do.

Some party hosts I know claim they work at call centers for the rest of the week. They accept party hosting jobs only on weekends as their “sidelines”.

But, boy, what a sideline! The busiest party hosts in town can earn in one weekend of partying what they cannot earn in a month of working in their day jobs.

Apart from the money, a party host gets to attend the flashiest and most opulent social gatherings in town—some rich kids’ birthday celebrations. He also gets to rub elbows with politicians, movie and TV personalities, and the rich and famous, who usually grace such occasions.

And we are not even talking yet about hosting (or emceeing) debuts, weddings and product launchings. Party hosts (emcees) who break into these markets can earn more money in one gig than in two weeks of working for a boss in a company.

So, okay, I have perked up your interest about party hosting. Now what’s the point?

Well, my point is this: my friend Wanlu, one of the country’s top hosts/magicians is conducting a workshop on birthday party hosting. It will be held on November 27 at the Celebrity Sports Club, Ballroom A and B.

The fee is P1,000 for each participant. Since the workshop is RSVP, head over to Party Planners and Entertainers Forum and PM or email Wanlu. Also read up on the entries about the other details of the workshop to help you decide if you need it.

If you are tired of games like the “Longest Greeting” or “The Boat is Sinking”…

If you want to improve hosting skills…

If you want to strengthen your network of contacts…

If you want to boost the number of your engagements…

You surely would like to attend the workshop.

With the number of sponsors and donors Wanlu has mobilized, I suspect he’ll throw in free meals in between lectures.

Stay magical,


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