I promised earlier to upload on YouTube some videos from Magic ‘To (The Next Level).

The first video clip that I uploaded is the Vanish of Eight Girls, for many reasons.

  1. It’s a big spectacular illusion worthy to close a full evening show.
  2. Lay people in Manila who saw it on September 8 are still talking about it till now (more than one month after). They have advanced several theories including the one that says we used eight sets of twins.
  3. From the production side, the illusion is a lesson in good financial management. The plan cost only $35 on the Internet. The illusion itself was built in one day for less than P5,000 (around $110).
  4. The performance of the illusion involved 21 people on stage, thus it had an air of extravaganza in it that whipped up the audience into a frenzy (to borrow a line from Michael Finney).
  5. It cannot be copied. Even in this age of rampant piracy, I can’t imagine anyone doing this illusion at birthday parties.

We have several other video clips on YouTube now. We are going to post them here in the next days. Meantime enjoy this:

Stay magical,




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