Although we advertised the Vanish of Eight Girls as a brand new illusion, Magic ‘To (The Next Level) actually featured several other never-been-performed-in-the-Philippines illusions.

That could be one of the reasons that Filipino magic fans and enthusiasts applauded our 11th Anniversary Show. We had given the Pinoy more than what they expected to see in a magic show.

One of these brand-new illusions was Rico Sanorjo’s crowd-pleasing Dog to Lady Illusion. He built it for the single-minded purpose of debuting in on our anniversary show.

Here’s a trivia about the illusion:

About two weeks before Magic ‘To (The Next Level), Rico sidled up to me. He confidentially told me of an illusion he had in mind. Could he build it for the 11th Anniversary Show?, he asked.

He described the illusion to me. He was worried that if he added it in the show, he would exceed the time limit I gave him by two minutes.

I told him to go ahead. The effect is so spectacular we would probably regret not having it on the show.

And so for two weeks, Rico built the illusion in between his gigs. He missed some of the rehearsal sessions, but we left him be, knowing he was pursuing a great purpose for the show.

On September 8, Rico showed up backstage about three hours before the start of the program. Beaming with pride, he let the cast admire his brand-new illusion. He showed to us his hands full of scratches resulting from his carpentry work. He also recounted the days he spent practicing at home with his wife and his dog.

The result of his tireless work is truly magical as you can see on this video clip:

Stay magical,


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