We have received several inquiries from the Filipino magic community and party organizers about the release of the Magic ‘To (The Next Level) video.

My answer is this: it will be available for distribution to our members, advertisers and sponsors, and for sale to the general public, in about a month from now.

The release of the video has met some scheduling difficulty, because its footage has audio glitches we want to address first. Until then we cannot release the video for commercial consumption.

In the next few days, however, I will upload on YouTube clips of individual acts. I invite the Filipino magicians, fans, and our friends from events organizing and marketing community to watch for that also.

While waiting for the video to come out from the editing room, let me share with you some photos of the highlights of our 11th Anniversary Show, Magic ‘To (The Next Level).

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The uproarious comedy skit “Clown Magic Audition”steals the crowd’s hearts.

Slydon Ello’s drag queen magic leaves the audience in stitches.

Tito Cris passes the hoop through the floating Regine Tolentino.



One of the most elegant acts of the show, the Spike/Escape/Body in Half/Change Costume Illusion performed by Kent Extrada and MJ Villegas.

Rico Sanorjo brings down the house with a production of a live dog which…

…he transforms into a woman!

Tomorrow, I will publish the photos of our finale number, The Vanish of Eight Girls.

Stay magical,