We closed Magic ‘To (The Next Level) with the spectacular vanish of eight Inner Magic Club girls using Julian Bond’s illusion, The Troupe Vanish.

For all the illusion’s merits, we had to modify slightly its design. For example, we expanded the platform from both wings to compensate for the shortcomings of the stage of the Philamlife Theater.

We also brought up on stage eight members of the audience instead of just four as suggested in the illusion plan. We wanted our finale number to have an-all-star-cast size in the perception of the audience. We found the number a little unwieldy at the start of the act, but we managed somehow to get the volunteers’ full cooperation.

Lastly, we added modifications to the gimmick, put more people to operate it, and cheated in producing the lead girl to create the illusion of quick reappearance at the rear of the theater.

Apart from the little things we changed, the illusion was all Julian Bond’s creation.

Are we happy with it?

The Filipino magic community and the lay people here in Manila are still talking about the illusion. Saying we are happy with our choice and purchase of the The Troupe Vanish is an understatement.

Inexpensive to construct, the illusion is far easier to perform than most illusions. The large number of people involved (eight members of the audience, eight IMC girls, Alex and I, and half a dozen stagehands not observable by the audience) helped make our finale number looked like a big production number. To think about it now, it was a large production number.

We have received glowing feedback about the illusion to warm our hearts. Both Pinoy and foreign lay people have advanced all sorts of theory on how the illusion was accomplished. The popular one is that we used eight sets of twins. Because we are naughty and not nice, we continue to allow this theory to percolate in the brains of those who saw the show.

What can we say other than thank you, Julian Bond, for this spectacular illusion. It was exactly what we needed to close our 11th anniversary show with a bang. The bang still reverberates in the Filipino magic community until today.

Our highest praise to Julian Bond’s Troupe Vanish. You can purchase the plan here: Troupe Vanish

While surrounded by members of the audience, eight Inner Magic Club girls mount the platform, smile at the audience and wave goodbye.

The curtain lowers on the girls.

Moments later, VP Alex Lagula (in blue tuxedo) and I pull the curtain away. The girls disappear in a wisp of smoke.

Alex and I mount the platform for the big revelation.

With the audience members surrounding the platform still in awe of the girls’ disappearance, Alex and I whoop up the girls reappearance, “Ladies and gentlemen, look behind you!”

The girls reappear in the middle of the audience, causing a commotion and eliciting a thunderous applause.

Watch for the video version of this act, soon on YouTube.

Stay magical,





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