Leslie Alviz, the wife of Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz, masterminded the whole affair.

The accomplices were: Marie Mamonluk, George’s wife; VP Alex Lagula; Boy Alviz (who concocted a story to lure George to come to last night’s meeting); George’s children (who told him they were going to watch a movie but in reality went to Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant to be part of the ambuscade); and the rest of the IMC membership (who passed each other text messages about the surprise birthday party without leaking the information to George).

George’s children wrote messages for their father/birthday boy on the giant greeting card.

Leslie conceived an elaborate set-up featuring blacked-out room and flashlights in the dark. Alas, she and Boy Alviz got held up in a horrendous traffic jam and arrived later than George. We (IMC members who were inside the party room) thought on our feet and managed to spring on George our impromptu version of a surprise.

In the end, the set-up ended successfully, though barely. Oyie, who decorated the room, overdid the decoration bit. He hung balloons up to the entrance of Pepeton’s. When George arrived, the first thing he noticed was the elaborate decors hanging on the walls that led to our meeting room. We had to spring the surprise in haste before George realized what was going on.

Whew! By the skin of the teeth, we pulled out a “gotcha” birthday party on one of the smartest Filipino magicians in the country, who lives and breathes magic 24-hours a day. Magic, as you know, is the art of fooling people. Boy, did we fool George that night!

Loving wife, Marie (second from right, in purple blouse), and children beam with happiness watching George blow the birthday candles.

George’s birthday bash went on till the wee hours of the morning.

Happy birthday, George, and stay magical.



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