At the risk of sounding corny, let me say it with all honesty: Inner Magic Club is blessed with quality membership.

Not everybody is accepted into the Club. We’ve lost count of the number of applicants we have turned away. The few magicians who made it to our roster of members passed through a stringent 10-week initiation process.

The initiation helps us decide who among the applicants are just the mere curious and who are the true lovers of magic.

We have proven our choices right during the production of Magic ‘To (The Next Level). Pound for pound, our members rank among the most motivated and most loyal magicians in the country, in my opinion.

Our members, including the newly accepted ones, joined the cast and backstage staff of Magic ‘To (The Next Level) without the prospect of renumeration. In fact, they got into situations where they spent money during the rehearsals—fare, food, gas, props and costumes.

All volunteers, they reported for rehearsals without grumbling. The rehearsals were a two-month stretch, twice-a-week backbreaking schedule that lasted up to 3 in the morning. To think that a good number of our members are amateurs and first-timers to theater validates what we have known all along—that our members, notwithstanding their skill level and experience, are avid lovers of magic and staunch supporters of IMC to the extent that they were willing to shed sweat and tears to help make our anniversary show a smashing success.

Amateurs, professionals or just mere lovers of magic, they all showed their dedication to the art, and their ardent love for IMC. These qualities helped us pull off another best locally produced magic show that topped the original Magic ‘To two years ago. Without pretending to be humble, I should say we outdid ourselves!

Thank you, guys, for your dedication to the art and for your unwavering loyalty to IMC.


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