by Doc Ronnie Moraleta

Yes, indeed! Inner Magic Club has been busy and red hot after the highly successful September, 2005 show Magic ‘To!”.Themed and challenging magic competitions spiced up the weekly Club meetings at Pepeton’s Bar Grill and Restaurant.

These Magic competitions are held almost every month, primarily for camaraderie, and secondly to slowly and consistently hone the skills of IMC members. Last February 22, 2006, IMC had a Rope Magic Competition with George Mamonluk emerging as the champion. Then President Cris Castro placed second while then Chairman Marcelino “Boy” Alviz and Michael Fernando shared third place.

A Sponge Ball Magic Competition followed on March 22, 2006, wherein, Glen “Dwarfie” Cuevas took first place while Don Roger Olivares and Nap Bargas Perez bagged second and third places respectively.

These competitions paid big dividends, as IMC members, family and friends warmly welcomed and cheered Boy Alviz last March 29 for his successful stint in the March 19, 2006 Japan Cup International Close Up Magic Competition held at Tokyo, Japan. He competed with 14 other seasoned magicians and delivered his routine five times before 20 scrutinizing judges. His masterful and entertaining performance of his favorite Cups and Balls routine and a variation of Carl Cloutier’s Traveling Cards brought home the Bronze Award.

IMC’s latest Close Up Magic competition held on June 27, 2007 was won by Rico Sanorjo. He brought the house down with his excellent Diminishing Cards routine after a Hopping Half routine. Michael Fernando placed second with his flawless handling of the Cups and Balls ending with a signed card to sealed deck. Third place went to President Leodini, who did an amazing and beautiful Whirling Card routine, Coins to Mug and a hot coffee production as his finale!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rico’s patented magic prance.

Aside from the competitions, IMC has been holding applicants’ initiation presentations and “Pasiklaban Nights”. During Ric Fontanilla’s initiation he turned a big dice to a small one and made it disappear. He did a Ball and Vase routine, produced a silk from a tube, did the Color Changing Record, vanished and re-appeared a bottle inside a book, transformed paper to money and drove a screw driver into his nose.

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The winners in celebration mood.

Deana Wong’s third and final initiation performance was a bang! She opened with Torch to Flower, Dove to Rabbit while dancing, and threw some streamers from nowhere! She then performed a card effect, wherein the chosen card was divined after spelling the word magic and the name of the spectator. She ended with a variation of John Bannon’s Perfect Strangers. Both are now proud IMC members!

One of the most memorable “Pasiklaban Nights” was the one that featured the performances of Harry Temperante (Mind Power Deck), Kent Estrada (mind reading routines from Max Maven’s Nothing), Earl Wong (card manipulation), Anthony Andres (card effects), Alex Lagula (comedy card revelation), Cris Nuñez (Ring and Rope and Linking Ring routines), Randy Ordoñez (cigarette trick), President Leodini performed a very entertaining Magic square. It was really an exhilarating evening!

So, if you happen to be near Pepeton’s Bar Grill and Restaurant and want to join the sizzling magical meetings, the group will be more than happy to present you an experience of a lifetime!

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