The magic community is now beginning to buzz with the news of the Philippine International Magic Festival. It will be held in Davao City from October 10 to 14.

This magic festival is a project of Inner Magic Club and Asian Magic Association (AMA), an organization of top magic associations in Asia, in which IMC is a member.

IMC Chairman Cris Castro heads the organizational committee, and IMC member James Infiesto of Davao is our ground commander.

This international festival project was in production at the same time we were producing and rehearsing Magic ‘To (The Next Level). We are not supposed to break the news out until we have every detail of the event gotten down pat, but since a few people have gotten wind of it, we are announcing it here now.

The invited magicians to perform at the event are teenage magic wonder J Over First and Mamada of Thailand; Vincent Tan and Steven of Malaysia; Alex, the mask change artist of China; Albert Tam of Hong Kong; Jeremy Pei of Singapore; Tito Cris, Boy Alviz, Rael and Leodini of the Philippines. (I have to beg off from the festival, though, as I have already confirmed bookings on October 13 and 14.)

AMA Secretary General Albert Tam, who recently played for one week at the prestigious Magic Castle, will be in Davao, not only to perform but also to talk with local government officials and business people for the possible holding of the AMA convention in Davao City.

This early, according to James Infiesto’s report to me this morning, Davao officials and its business community are warm to the idea of hosting the AMA convention. So watch for further announcements. There will be an international convention of magicians in the Philippines soon, if plans push through.

Also in the works is another International Magic Festival in Cebu City come December.

Stay magical everyone,