We are now in the homestretch of our preparations for IMC’s anniversary show, Magic ‘To (The Next Level).

Yesterday, we spent the whole day at Caritas (from 8AM to 8PM) rehearsing the show. Again as usual, we spent our own money to buy ourselves food.

We were prepared to spend for our meals, then suddenly, without advance notice, our usual patrons and generous members, George Mamonluk and Mr. and Mrs. Ching, brought food to energize the cast and crew.

During snack time, George sent us dozens of the country’s famous Mamonluk siopao.

Toward the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Ching made several trips to Caritas and to the market to shuttle food that would keep us going. They even brought a rice cooker, paper plates, and plastic utensils, so we could have our fill without to worry about those.

A million thanks to George Mamonluk and to Mr. and Mrs. Ching. Thanks for your support. Thanks for your love!

Stay magical,



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