Was the August 20 episode of the TV game show “Wilyonaryo” rigged, as some people, mostly netizens with YouTube accounts, suspect?

At the end of this post, I’ll show you a video of that controversial game portion. You be the judge if trickery was involved.

But before that, let me make some predictions, using my psychic powers, how this brouhaha will play out.

In this country populated with investigation buffs, someone will launch an investigation in aid of whatever.

The investigation will bring the circus to town titled “The Greatest Show in the Land, in the Sea and on the Air.”

It will entertain everyone in this country. Every opinionated Filipino who has no opinion about the controversy will opinionize just to sound opinionated.

The investigation will peter out without finding anything. Nobody will go to jail. A similar controversy will arise down the years, and the whole clowning-around routine will play all over again.


Now as to what this hubbub is all about, here’s how the game “Wilyornaryo” is described by ABS-CBN Interactive:

“The contestant who makes it to the jackpot round is asked to pick a colored wheel then declare ‘Wilyonaryo’ or ‘Winame’.

“A contestant who picks ‘Wilyonaryo’ has a chance to win P2 million, P1 million, P500,000 or a house and lot package. Choosing ‘Winame’ (coined term for ‘uwi na ako’ [I’m going home]) means opting to get the amount offered by Revillame in exchange for the hidden prize in the selected wheel.

The controversy arose in the August 20 episode of the game, when a contestant named Weng picked the white wheel but later gave it up and chose ‘Winame’ when Revillame’s cash offer reached P100,000.

“It turned out to be a wise decision because the white wheel contained a zero amount. The host revealed the contents of the remaining wheels, showing the P1 million, the house and lot and the P500,000. Revillame then announced that the violet wheel had the P2 million, but when opened it showed a zero amount instead of P2 million.

“Co-host Mariel Rodriguez noticed this and was heard saying over the microphone that the wheel bore no amount.

“Revillame said there had been a mistake, realized that he was holding the missing P2 million tag and then handed it over to one of the show’s dancers.” – ABS-CBN Interactive.

GMA News.TV published on its site the following official statement of ABS-CBN denying that cheating occurred during that episode:

“There was no cheating in the August 20 episode of ‘Wilyonaryo’, the new game portion in Wowowee.

“There are two parts in ‘Wilyonaryo’, the elimination and the final rounds. In the elimination round, the contestant won P37,000. In the final round, the contestant agreed to get the one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000) offered by Willie. This brought the contestant’s total winnings to one hundred thirty seven thousand pesos (P137,000).

“The revelation of where the P2 million jackpot prize is happened after the contestant decided to get Willie’s offer. Since ‘Wilyonaryo’ is a new game, a mechanical glitch occurred in the reveal portion.

“Wowowee assures all its supporters that all games and contests in the program are executed with transparency, fairness, and honesty.

“Wowowee will continue to give cheer, help, and fulfillment of the dreams of millions of viewers around the world.”

As magicians, you may have the proper training to determine whether hocus pocus was used in the game. You can tell that easily just by watching the video below. You don’t need to subject the video to forensic examinations to reach a conclusion.



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