That’s right folks. Magic ‘To (The Next Level) will keep the tradition of starting the show before the show starts.

That’s not just play of words. That’s an idea that dates back to Salamangka Atb., which we staged 10 years ago at the CCP.

If you have bought a ticket already, you will notice it indicates that Magic ‘To (The Next Level) starts at 8PM.

You have to come early, though, for two reasons. One, the show will start at exactly at 8PM. Two, you will want to catch the lobby activities which will start around 7PM.

We guarantee that the early birds, while waiting for the gates to open, will spend a great time watching different novelty entertainment—clowning around, walk-around magic, practical jokes, magic jams with friends, human statue, balloon twisting, and small fakir feats. That’s what we mean by “the show starts before the show starts.” There will be a show at the lobby before the gates open.

But if you are a serious student of magic or a connoisseur of the art, the best attraction to catch during the lobby activities is George Mamonluk’s display of his collector’s magic.

Besides performing magic for fun, George is one of the few ardent magic collectors in the country. I’ve gone to his house on several occasions. Each time he would bring me to his basement where he keeps his large collection of magic illusions (which includes some really big ones) and magic props and paraphernalia. George has something engaging to say for each item—anecdotes, trivia, historical background—to regale his visitors.

Part of his collection will be displayed on the lobby on September 8 for viewing only (no performance).

I hope George will include in his exhibit rare items such as his pure-gold Cups and Balls set. Catching that set on display will be worth your while going to Philamlife Theater early. Hearing George tell you the stories behind his collections is a dream journey to his magic kingdom and imagination come true.

Salivate, seethe with envy, or experience the joy of viewing these magic collections on September 8 at the lobby of Philamlife Theater, starting at 7 PM.

Stay magical,


Buy Magic ‘To (The Next Level) tickets HERE.

Beautiful magic begins at 8 PM, September 8, 2007,

Philamlife Theater, UN Avenue, Manila

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