If you are a fish expert, or know something about fish other than eating them, maybe you can help me with my new magic act.

The idea for this act is not original with me. When I was still a child, I saw a Chinese magician perform a trick known in the magic industry as “Aerial Fishing.”

I didn’t know how he did it. Over the years, I have been trying to find a method to bring about the same magical effect—namely, that of catching fish in the air.

I have a method now, but I haven’t gotten it down pat yet. There are some loose ends. That’s why I need somebody’s help. Maybe you can give me a suggestion on how to tie the loose ends, so I can start performing the act.

Here’s what the audience sees: I come out with a fishing rod, I cast it onto the audience, and when I reel it in, a goldfish is dangling by the hook.

I take the goldfish and put it inside a bowl of water. I then take the goldfish, put it in my mouth, chew it, swallow everything up, open my mouth and show the audience my empty mouth. Then a second later, I regurgitate the goldfish and spit it out back into the bowl of water, and it is none the worse from the experience.

I assure you that no goldfish will be harmed during the performance. (A number of magicians put goldfish in their mouth and hurt it, but I don’t.) There’s an illusion of the fish being chewed. Actually, it just stays hidden behind my tonsil.

Now since my method requires me to hold the goldfish secretly in my mouth for at least a minute, my question is this: is it hygienic to put a goldfish in the mouth? Is there some type of parasite on the fish that I must be wary of? How do I make sure that the goldfish that goes into my mouth is clean? Where can I buy clean goldfish? (I don’t want to catch bird flu by putting goldfish in my mouth.) And lastly, how does a goldfish taste when you put it in the mouth? (If it tastes like sashimi or sushi, I wouldn’t mind.)

I’m sorry for the number of questions. I’m not a goldfish expert. My expertise is tuna—when it’s already on a dish.

Stay magical,



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