Dear Leodini,

Can you share with me your views of performing mouth coils?

Is it all right to put mouth coils in the mouth?

Yours sincerely,

Dai Marlo


Hi Dai Marlo,

If the mouth coil is inside your mouth, I can’t get a good view of it until you take it out.

Yes, it is all right to put mouth coils in your mouth. However, putting mouth coils up your nose is wrong. It is disgusting. It nauseates people watching your performance.

Some squeamish magicians object to putting mouth coils in the mouth because doing so, according to them, makes the performer a slob. In fact, putting anything in the mouth (say, needles, razor blades, eggs, swords and balls) will make one a slob.

The only exception is food. The critics of mouth-coil magic make an exception for food. They put food in their mouths even though they evangelize that putting anything in the mouth will make one a slob. They don’t take food intravenously. Like most normal persons, they won’t survive this world as a non-slob if putting food in the mouth turns them into slobs.

I know those are confusing words tangled in laughable logic. I insist on writing that because I’m stubborn. Bear with me. I’ve escaped from Kellar ties before. I’m sure I can extricate myself from faulty reasoning. Keep on reading. You may be disappointed at the end of this response.

Again, one more time with feeling…

Yes, it is all right to put mouth coils in the mouth. Theoretically, you can put mouth coils in other parts of your body (you can even put them in a change bag or other receptacles), just to avoid nauseating finicky critics. But then you would not want to call them mouth coils anymore. A mouth coil in the ear would be a misnomer.

On the other hand, you must also realize that putting mouth coils in your mouth is inelegant. Eggs-in-mouth magic (especially the multiplying kind) is silly. Sword in mouth is disgusting. Fire in mouth is dangerous. (I once knew a clown who ate fire during a birthday party and spat the flaming lighter fluid out of his mouth into the Karaoke sound system, torching it down beyond repair in front of the birthday boy and his family.)

If you want to be silly, disgusting or dangerous, perform things-in-your-mouth magic.

It’s really all up to you. In short, after writing several hundred words, I don’t have a wise answer to your question.

Stay magical,