My favorite mentalism effect is Huhulaan ko ang Crush mo (I’ll Guess Who Your Crush Is). It’s my presentation of Osterlind’s PCT. I usually do it for teen-age girls and single young ladies. It’s the only mentalism I know that can get screams from young girls.

Some mentalists may use PCT/Peeks/Center Tears to divine the name of dead persons and to thoroughly scare their audience in the process. I’ve tried doing it that way a long time ago and got mixed results.

When I started using the PCT to guess the crushes of 14 to 18-years-old girls (older girls don’t seem to react as strongly as the younger girls), I’m always surprised at the reactions. The reactions are even stronger and spectacular if the subject’s family members are present during the demonstration.

I had a stage performance once that had a large portion of the audience made up of teen-age girls. As I expected, they viewed the Dove Act and the Floating Table with lukewarm interest. After the show I decided to get even.

I did I’ll guess Who Your Crush Is for one of the girls. After doing it successfully (the subject girl ran around the restaurant like a headless chicken, screaming when I revealed the name of her crush), all the girls formed a line wanting to have their crushes named. Since I didn’t want to do the PCT to the same audience more than once, I made all kinds of excuses not to do it anymore.

The result? I had a group of pretty teen-age girls following me all night, asking me to read their minds.

The waiters and the single men were envious of me.

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